First Cut

My resolution this year was to start shooting more video and learn a bit of editing. So when my niece Freya wanted to celebrate her birthday by going to the Tyrell Museum in Drumheller, I thought it might be a chance to start taking some footage. I was surprised how difficult it was to keep a steady hand and manually focus quickly. (You'll see what I mean.) When I got home, I started cutting the video and throwing some pieces together, and next thing I knew several hours had disappeared. I always suspected video might be a whole other world that would be easy to get lost in for large periods of time, which is why I think I waited to long to delve into it. But I think I'm ready to get lost in something new. :)

Special thanks to my family for always being supportive of my camera in their faces. They are and always will be my greatest inspiration. <3

Song: Cat Power - "The Greatest"