NEW - Digital Collage - "The Blue Mountains"

AHoogveld_Digital Collages_The Blue Mountains web.jpg

One morning in late December, my friend Kristen and I both felt drawn west towards the mountains, and made a spur of the moment decision to head out for the day.  We chose Lake Louise as our destination and hopped in the car with our warmest clothes and full coffee cups.   As we drove further into the mountains it started to lightly snow, and the dense clouds began to reflect a stunning blue hue like I had never seen before.  I knew I wanted to make something of the images I brought home with me.  And even though the final image breaks away from the pristine blues found in the original images, it does convey much of the magic feel that was in the air that day.  I have often thought that the rocky mountains have a healing effect on the people that come from all over the world to see them.  Their purity gives its visitors a sense of peace that is often hard to find in our bustling everyday lives.  The image below gives a better idea of the colours and feel that closed over us that day in the Lake Louise valley.

AHoogveld_Blog_Blue Mountains web.jpg