135/365 - Fleeting Thought

I've been spending the last few days playing catch up on my 365 among other things.  A week of long shifts and several events put me behind by a few days.  Everyday I have made time to shoot, but have had to put off posting.  

Everyday that passes I am getting more and more excited about the upcoming show at Art Central.  It is a group show titled "Love Kills" and seems like it will be a very interesting mix of work.  I have ordered the pieces for my frames, chosen where to print, sizes, paper, etc.  I've written up my artist statement and envisioned how I hope to hang the pieces in the gallery.  There is much to think about and I know the opening will be here in a blink of an eye.  Accomplishing each task is the only thing keeping my stress level down.

I just finished this piece this morning.  I began shooting late last night and when I sat down to edit the photos I knew that my sleepy mind needed to finish it after a good nights sleep.  I have began playing with my new lights a bit.  I'm realizing there is an entire worlds worth about them to be learned, but luckily I don't mind the process.