Welcome to 11:11...

Welcome to 11:11. A photographic representation of my evolution as both artist and human being. I want to be able to share some of my current works that may not always immediately show up on my website, and also some stories and insights into my journey as an artist. Feel free to leave comments.

So why 11:11? Since I was quite young, I would often make a wish if I happened to notice the time was 11:11. As time went on I noticed many occurrences took place in my life that validated the reason behind my fascination with this number, including important dates, family history, and folklore. I believe there is a kind of life force that falls within the idea of synchronicity, and I have often noticed this kind of serendipity within my own life that reminds me to trust the process of ones own life. That there are no coincidences. The number 11 for me is a symbol of my trust in the universe, unseen forces, and of ones own life journey unfolding as it should.

I hope for others this blog becomes a place to see one woman's perspective of the world in a search for beauty in all things. The mundane and the spectacular. And also her struggles and triumphs while trying to find her place in the world. Whatever else this becomes to my readers, I hope it is at least positive and mind opening.

Thank you,