Unique, natural portraits that capture spirit & ignite feeling.

Whatever your vision, I am here to help you tell your story in a unique and genuine way. My goal is to make portraiture a fun and relaxed experience where it’s as easy as showing up and being yourself. I approach portraiture, events, and businesses with the same values. Honesty, freedom, and creativity. What’s your story?


Hi! I’m Alicia!

Thanks so much for stopping by!

I am a photographer, graphic designer and artist with 10 years experience. Long ago, I used to struggle to figure out what my vision and purpose was with my art and business . I wanted to make sure that all of my art work and how I ran my business came from an honest place and felt like me. Because of that, I really started to understand the need for my work to be genuine and be custom tailored to my customers. I want all of my clients to have a comfortable easy experience, and walk away with a product that is as unique as they are. I love capturing real, raw beauty in the world and to me, nothing is more beautiful than people, and what they each bring to the table in their own unique way